Directional Drilling

Directional drilling, our bread and butter here at Veteran Underground, requires the use of a compaction drill for the installation of conduit, waterline, sleeves and direct bury wire among other things. The best application of this service comes when ground disturbance needs to be minimized or when there is a number of existing utilities in the area. 


Trenching services are another area where our company shines. This process requires a trencher to break ground for the installation of direct bury cable or interduct conduit. This service is best utilized in smaller projects with no other utilities nearby and where ground disturbance wouldn't be a problem.

Cable & Duct Plowing

We offer cable and duct plowing at Veteran Underground. For this process, a plow is utilized to install direct bury cable or interduct conduit. This is the best option for areas with no other utilities and ground disturbance isn't an issue. 

Cable Pulling & Jetting

Veteran Underground offers cable pulling and jetting, a service where we install new cable into existing conduit either by pulling or jetting (blowing) it in. This method enables customers to save on their projects and avoid unnecessary conduit installation where possible.

Minor Excavation

Our equipment allows us the ability to perform minor excavation projects for our customers. Such projects could include digging for footings or ground leveling. 

Core Drilling

Another service offered by Veteran Underground is core drilling. Our core drills allow either an 8" or a 10" core to be drilled. This service includes cutting through hard surfaces to access the ground material underneath.